Uniting Northern and Southern Italy to Conquer Silicon Valley

July 06, 2017

Uniting Northern and Southern Italy to Conquer Silicon Valley

Southern Italian cuisine with Northern Italian (Friuli) wine makes for an irresistible pair for the tech world!

We were not surprised to see THIS WRITE UP from Nick Czap of 7x7 on our friends over at Italico and Terun Restaurants in Palo Alto, California. These brothers from Calabria have been serving up amazing and authentic Southern Italian cuisine since Terun's inception in 2013. With the newly opened Italico, their success continues. We were pleasantly surprised to see 7x7's writer Nick's selection of our peppery imported red wine, the 2004 Schioppettino, produced by our partner winery, Cantarutti Wines.

Although Italy has been a united republic since 1861, Northern and Southern Italy remain divided on many fronts today. From culture, to cuisine, to language, to way of life, the two are strikingly different. Both are stunningly beautiful. Both are home some of the most wonderful dishes to ever strike your palate.

However, as old timers and young Italians alike will tell you, there is still a gap in how each side of this amazing country perceives the other. Unfortunately, historical roots run quite deep, and the scars persist. This dichotomy of Italy is something that usually remains hidden from the tourist world - lucky for Italy the entire country enjoys visits from millions of tourists each year, who know nothing about the discrimination running through the streets.

While things are improving, Italians - Northern and Southern alike - are becoming more tolerant and appreciative of their counterparts, it is always refreshing to meet like-minded Italians here in the US. This is the first thing we felt when we met the team responsible for these two great restaurants. And we are so honored to have had our products selected to be on their menus, paired with some of the most authentic Italian cuisine the Bay Area has to offer. Northern and Southern really are one, and boy do they make a great experience!