Refosco Riserva (2016)

Ronc dai Luchis

  • The Ronc dai Luchis winery is located in Faedis, a town northeast of Udine at the base of the eastern hills of Friuli. It is a small, family business and the Refosco di Faedis vines (also known as Refosco Nostrano) are approximately 80 years old.

    This wine is fruity but full-bodied, with a light acidity which is typical of Refosco di Faedis, and can be sipped before dinner or to conclude a wonderful meal. We bring to you the reserve version with a black label, to introduce you to this varietal in a special way.
  • Typology: Red Wine
    Production area: Colli Orientali del Friuli
    Grape variety: 100% Refosco di Faedis
    Harvesting: By hand in 10 kilogram boxes. De-stemming and soft crushing
    Aging: Aged two years in oak casks, and six months in bottle.
    Alcohol: 13.5% vol.
    Temperature for serving: Best expressed when served at room temperature
    Tasting notes: Intense purplish red color, scent of violets, rose hips, and berries. It has a dry, full, warm taste, and a good texture. Ideal for medium to long-term aging.
    Pairing Suggestions: It goes well with fatty meats, game, and traditional dishes from the Friuli region including cotechino sausage, pappardelle with duck sauce, wild boar, and lamb chops.

Winery: Ronc dai Luchis