Talento Argento (2016)


  • This sparkling wine is made using the Classic Method, with secondary fermentation in the bottle. Bread crust and exotic fruits characterize this bubbly that's perfect for the holiday season...or any season!

  • Typology: Brut quality sparkling wine, classic method
    Production area: Friuli Grave
    Grape variety: 80% Chardonnay - 20% Pinot Blanc
    Fermentation and Refinery:  soft pressed, thermal control of the fermentation and immediate cleaning of the wine. The wine rests in steelt tanks before bottline. A small percentage of Pinot Blanc is fermented in barriques. Bottling and aging takes place in the late spring following the harvest to allow a quiet refermentation. The bottles are stacked and they remain "sur lie" for at least thirty months. "Remuage" and "degorgement" take place before realeasing the product to market.
    it rests 2 months in the cellar.

    Alcohol Content: 13% vol.
    Temperature for Serving: Cold! 4-6 °C
  • Tasting notes: straw yellow with good intensity. The perlage is fine and persistent.
    On the nose, well-pronounced notes of bread crust combined with pleasant sensations of fruity and delicate mineral aromas. On the palate, this wine is fresh, well-structured, harmonious and balanced.
    Serving Suggestions: Wonderful as a pre-dinner aperitivo or paired with charcuterie plates.

Winery: Pittaro