Forment (2018)


  • A classic expression of this classic varietal, Forment takes the Friulano grape back to its origins. With its rich body and distinctive hints of almond along with flower and fruit, the Jacuss family brings back tradition with a bang!
  • Typology: Still white wine
    Grape variety: 100% Friulano
    Fermentation and refinery: The wine is fermented with indigenous yeasts for 8 months, then bottled without filtration, to maintain the full integrity.
    Temperature for Serving: 10-12 °C
    Tasting notes: Pale yellow with slight palescence, intense bouquet reminiscent of wild flowers, with a pleasant almond aroma.
    Serving Suggestions: Best served as an aperitivo on its own or with a meat and cheese plate. Also great as an accompanyment for any lighter first course, including soup, pasta, or white meats.

Winery: Jacuss