Cabernet Franc (2020)


  • The market is finally ready for a 100% Cabernet Franc! The beauty of this grape is it takes on the characteristics of the territory it is grown in. While we may be accustomed to Cabernet Franc from California or France, the production coming out of North Eastern Italy creates a whole other experience.

    This certified organic Cabernet Franc from Castelvecchio is highly elegant and deliciously drinkable. The initial famous ruby color melts with time into silken aristocratic reflections. The bouquet maintains the herbaceous fragrance of the wooden barrel even in the bottle. The taste is generous, velvety, and spicy.
  • Typology: Red Wine
    Production area: Carso
    Grape variety: 100% Cabernet Franc
    Harvesting: First half of October
    Fermentation and refinery
    : Fermentation with maceration in stainless steel for approximately 15 days. After the first 4 months in stainless steel to complete the malolactic fermentation, the wine is left for a year in small French and Californian oak barrels (barriques). Followed by a year in barrique in larger Slavonian and French oak barrels (tonneau). The wine ages in the bottle for a further six months before being released on the market.
    Alcohol: 13.0%
    Temperature for serving: 18-20°C
    Tasting notes: Ruby red with aristocratic almost silky reflexes. The bouquet maintains a certain herbaceous fragrance accentuated by the wooden permanence that gives a spicy note. There is also a pleasant mineral note indicative of the Karst terroir. On the palate, it is full, velvety, and spicy with long persistence.
    Serving Suggestions: It pairs excellently with roasted white meat, grilled meats, and game.

Winery: Castelvecchio