Franconia (2020)


  • Franconia is a single-varietal dry red wine made with the Friuli traditional grape of the same name. It is a fairly young red wine, not undergoing any aging in wood, nor lengthy aging in stainless steel. 

    Franconia by Bortolusso is a medium-bodied red, with a deep ruby color. It is moderately tannic with a note of acidity. The younger it is opened it gives off herbaceous notes with a really juicy feel of cherry and raspberry notes, as it ages more aromas of undergrowth come out.

  • Typology: Red wine
    Production Area:
    Friuli Annia
    Grape Variety: Franconia
    Early October
    Fermentation and refinery:
    Grapes are soft pressed then left to ferment for 15 days at a controlled temperature.
    Tasting Notes: Deep ruby red in color. Taut acidity, medium-bodied, and moderately tannic. Grapey and herbaceous when young, the wine acquires intriguing forest floor aromatics with age.
    Pairings: Pairs well with roasted white or red meat, grilled vegetables.

Winery: Bortolusso