Birra Friuli

Grana 40

  • Birra Friuli comes from the direct collaboration of Friuli Italian Wines and Grana 40. A specially brewed blonde lager with moderate alcohol, we bring this special beer to market as a local artisan Friuli alternative to widely known Italian beers such as Moretti and Peroni.    Grana 40 is a project of local craft beer lovers who were looking to perfect the artisan taste of beer in Friuli. They use all locally sourced ingredients in producing their beer. Find more information on

  • Alcohol Content: 4.6% vol.
    Temperature for Serving: COLD!!
    Tasting notes: Light acidity from the wheat malt. Great foam, fruity and floral notes.
    Pairing Suggestions: By itself, with anything!

Winery: Grana 40