Pinot Nero (2020)


  • This wine is brought to you directly by the founders of Friuli Italian Wines! This special brand pinot noir, called Pinot Nero in Italy, is aged in stainless steel tanks, yielding a light, bright, and easy-drinking version of this varietal - a welcome and unexpected change from the classic, California style, jammy pinot noir.
  • Typology: Red Wine
    Production area: Friuli Venezia Giulia
    Grape variety: 100% Pinot noir
    Fermentation and refinery: Wine pressing and removal of the grape stalks, introduction in automatic wine-making vessels for the fermentation which is activated by selected yeasts, soaking for about 8 days by controlled temperature.
    Alcohol content: 12% vol.
    Temperature for serving: 18°C
    Tasting notes: Bright, delicate, balanced acidity, slight fruit undertones.
    Serving Suggestions: Pasta, poultry, game, roasted meats, strong cheeses.

Winery: Corazza