Unoaked Chardonnay (2020)

di Lenardo

  • Looking for a buttery California Chardonnay? This is not it. Friuli’s chardonnays have an entirely different palate than a California Chard, mainly due to the fact that Friuli’s Chardonnays are entirely unoaked, bringing to bear a completely different taste, like nothing you have ever experienced. The 2015 vintage received the prestigious "Tre Bicchieri" award in the 2017 competition.

    This wine from di Lenardo, a family that has been making wine since 1878, is the only one in Friuli to use only vines of the “Musque” clone, meaning that this wine is highly aromatic and unique in its composition. Di Lenardo is acknowledged as one of the best quality brands in the Friuli Grave area and the most technologically-advanced. Since 2009, the winery has used only to use solar energy to run its cellar. Environmentally conscious, equally advanced in winemaking, try this little wine for a great surprise that will change your tastes in Chardonnay!

  • Typology: White wine from the Friuli Grave area
    Production area: The grapes come from one of the winery’s four vineyards, Vigne dai Vieris.
    Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay 
    Soil composition: Gravel, rock 
    Harvesting: by hand
    Fermentation and refinery: The whole berries are pressed gently in a pneumatic press. After a first racking, the must is transferred to temperature-controlled fermentation still vats. The wine is left on the fine lees to rest before bottling.Malo-lactic fermentation. Clarification of the musts is done using a new “state of the art” flotation bio-system, and this wine is bottled under a vacuum.
    Alcohol Content: 12.5% vol.
    Temperature for Serving: 12°C
    Tasting notes: Zero oaking brings a refreshing, new take to what Californians are used to in a chardonnay. The philosophy is to place emphasis on the pure fruitiness and acidity of the grape by eliminating the masking effect caused by final maturation in oak barrels. Lively citrus fruit leads to creamy finish of ground hazelnuts. Just a peek of tropical fruit to an otherwise fresh style of Chardonnay.
    Serving Suggestions: Pair with risotto, roasted vegetables, lasagna and other pasta or first courses.

Winery: di Lenardo