Prosecco (2018)

San Martino

  • Tired of drinking flat, sour, flavorless prosecco and want to try the real Italian kind? San Martino’s Prosecco DOC Millesimato from Treviso is intensely aromatic and crisp, with hints of green apple and banana that will leave your taste buds refreshed, not overwhelmed. Millestimato means that all the grapes used are from the same year - an indication of an excellent harvest. The harmony of smell and taste in this prosecco and its sleek flavor, not to mention a great price, will make you a fan of this Champagne alternative.

  • Typology: Prosecco Spumante (sparkling) Extra Dry
    Production area: Treviso province of Veneto on the hills between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene
    Grape variety: 100% Prosecco (also known as Glera grapes)
    Fermentation and Refinery: Long Charmat method, fermentation in autoclave.
    Alcohol Content: 11% vol.
    Temperature for Serving: 7 – 8°C
    Tasting notes: Perfectly balanced - not too sweet, not too dry. Hints of green apple and banana complement the dryness of a this prosecco from the Treviso area of Italy.
    Serving Suggestions: Wonderful as a pre-dinner aperitivo with prosciutto and soft cheeses, fried seafood, for celebrations, with fish and soups and can also be used to make risotto. Also pairs very well with spicy foods.

Winery: San Martino