Schioppettino (2016)


  • Schioppettino means "little explosion" in Italian, and this grape gets its name from the term due to its thick skin, which makes each grape give a little pop when eaten. This varietal is from the center of Prepotto, an area in Friuli famous for this noble grape. The young winemaker Daniele took over recently, and is proving to be quite the talent, especially as it relates to this native varietal. Taste the best of Friuli in this peppery, deep, rich wine!

  • Typology: Cabernet Blend – dry red wine D.O.C.
    Production area: Prepotto
    Grape variety: 100% Schioppettino di Prepotto
    Planting System: French Guyot
    Harvesting: By hand during the first week of September
    Fermentation and refinery:De-stemming and the soft pressing. The must obtained is then fermented with native yeasts remaining in contact with the skins for about 20 days. During this phase, replacements are frequent to favor the passage of the color and of the noble components characteristic of an important red wine from the skins to the fermenting must. Given the drawing off, the wine will remain to rest in small barrels of 2.25 hl. of American wood for over two years and then bottled in October. It will be placed at the consumer's judgment after a final right period of rest and bottle aging of about one year.
    Alcohol Content: 13.5% vol.
    Tasting notes:Shaking it in the glass opens to the nose with elegantly full and decisive aromas ranging from ripe cherry to forest fruits, balsamic and spicy aromas reminiscent of pepper and licorice with a light background of small black berries. In the mouth it is wide and decisive: it envelops the palate with a velvety touch, showing itself however compact and vigorous in its noble component of well-mixed tannins, thus reproducing the entire olfactory spectrum in an ordered succession.
    Serving Suggestions: Red meat, plumed birds, fat white fish, cheese, salami.

Winery: Lenuzza