Pignolo Riserva (2014)


  • 'Pignolo' means 'finicky' in Italian, as these grapes are particularly difficult to grow and vines are low-yielding, making it an especially exclusive varietal, which dates back to 1398. It originated in the vineyards of the Rosazzo Abbey, but low yield and sensitivity to disease made put it at a disadvantage with respect to more resistant varieties and it was pushed to the brink of extinction. Thanks to two priests, who found the last two remaining plants, new plants were created and this varietal was able to continue its journey. Pignolo needs dry soil with maximum sun exposure. The grapes are rich in tannins, offer high sugar concentration and excellent color. This wine is one of the great red wines from Italy and can be nobly aged for 20 years.
  • Typology: Red wine D.O.C.
    Production area: Rosazzo
    Grape variety: 100% Pignolo
    Soil composition: Marl, sandstone and clay
    Harvesting: by hand in 10 kilogram boxes followed by de-stemming and soft crushing
    Fermentation and refinery: 14 days of maceration in oak vats and fermentation with indigenous yeasts. 50% of the wine is aged in oak barrels of 500 liters, while the remaining 50% is aged in oak barrels of 225 liters. The period of aging is 36/38 months, bottling takes place in January. After bottling, without filtration, the wine is aged in the bottle for a year before its release.
    Alcohol content: 14% vol.
    Serving Temperature: 18°C
    Tasting notes: Deep ruby red color with purple shades. The aroma is expressed to its full potential, with notes of plum, violet, cherry, mulberry, cocoa, coffee, leather, vanilla and spices in a combination that translates seamlessly to the taste. The taste of fruit, tannins and balanced acidity makes the Pignolo a true, noble exemplar of red wines from Friuli.
    Serving Suggestions: Pairs excellently with main courses of wild game animals such as wild boar, deer, also great with beef and pork. Also pairs with cheese plates after dinner.

Winery: Specogna