About Us

Our Journey 

"We know each and every one of these wineries personally - from the winemakers themselves to their families - we have spent time with them, understanding the amazing stories they have to tell and the intricacies behind the wines they produce and the techniques they use to produce them. And most importantly, we try to replicate the personal touch that they give when you visit the wineries, to really tell the stories and allow US wine lovers to get that personal tasting experience, just as if you were in Italy. We think of ourselves as remote wine tour guides, our model is about more than just business, it's about a personal and cultural experience" - the Founders

Friuli Italian Wines is the fruit of a shared passion for wine, desire to unite Italian and American culture not only in life but in work, love, and friendship of the founders. Alex and Emily Corazza are a husband and wife team who aim to connect people through the passionate story and culture of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region of Italy and the beautiful wines it produces. Together with their business partners, Patrick Fantini-Corazza and Max Lewis (both also from Friuli but living in the US), this American-Italian team presents a dream, an experience, and a little-known region in one of the most beautiful, elegant countries of the world.