• Ocyder is an extra dry apple cider, a product of the Unterholzner family's love and passion for Friuli, where they have been dedicated to the cultivation of apples for 50 years. The Fuji apples used are grown completely organically, harvested by hand, and do not undergo any post-harvest treatments. The result is a sparkling, fragrant and fresh alcoholic drink.

    Ocyder is great on its own or as a companion for aperitifs and dinners. Taste the Friuli difference of Ocyder today!
  • Typology: Cider
    Origin: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
    Organic Fuji Friulian apples
    : 6.0% vol.
    Sugars: 12g/lt
    Serving Temperature: 45°F
    Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark place.
    Tasting notes: Extra dry distinguished by a gentle sweet note. Delicate fruity character. Perfect balance between sweetness and acidity.
    Pairing Suggestions: Ideal for an aperitif and to accompany tasty and full-bodied dishes. Versatile as a base for cocktails in which the acid and fruity notes of the cider perfectly balance the energetic character of the spirits.
    Ingredients: Organic apples, organic cane sugar, organic yeast.

Winery: Unterholzner