Tazzelenghe (2017)


  • The name, "Tazzelenghe," itself it testament to the personality of this wine that is best enjoyed by the experienced and educated consumer. In fact, Tazzelenghe means "tongue cutter", a fully deserved designation for its unique, acidic quality. Don't let it scare you away though! Tazzelenghe is a great accompaniment to food.

    Tazzelenghe is a native grape from Friuli, though the precise area of origin is unknown. It was grown in the multitude of original vineyards scattered throughout the Friuli region's hills, today mostly gone. Along with Refosco and Schiopettino, Tazzelenghe was rediscovered and is now grown across the Colli Orientali hills in Friuli.
  • Typology: Red wine
    Grape variety: 100% Tazzelenghe
    Harvesting: Manual harvesting
    Fermentation and refinery: Soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation at controlled temperature with maceration on skins for 15-20 days. The wine refines in barrique for 24 months, then assembled. After 6 months from assembly, it is bottled. It refines in the bottle for a final 6 months before marketing.
    Temperature for Serving: 18-20 °C
    Tasting notes: Intense red color with violet reflexes that soften to red with garnet with age. Strong in the mouth, this tough and sturdy wine achieves a softness due to its barrel-aging. The bouquet is ample and pleasant with mild hints of wood.
    Pairing Suggestions: Wine indicated for roasts and braised. Goes well with sauces of white and red meats and game.

Winery: Jacuss