Ribolla Gialla (2018)

il Carpino

  • Located by the Slovenian border lie the vineyards of Il Carpino, where they make stunning minimal intervention wines. This golden yellow, almost amber, Ribolla Gialla is an impressive expression of the native varietal.

    Dry, elegant, and fresh, the nose reminds of dried fruit and spices while the palate is intense and enveloping. This is a Friuli wine through and through, and definitely a must-try!

  • Typology: Orange Wine
    Production area: Venezia Giulia
    Grape variety: 100% Ribolla Gialla
    Fermentation and Refinery: The grapes are de-stemmed, crushed, and undergo an alcoholic fermentation by indigenous yeasts with maceration of the skins for 50-60 days in open oak vats. 24 months of aging in large Slavonian oak barrels, 11 months in steel tanks, and 8 months in bottles.
    Alcohol: 13.0%
    Tasting notes: Golden yellow in color tending towards amber. The bouquet is generous and well expressed. The flavor is dry and full.
    Pairing Suggestions: Pairs wonderfully with pasta, shellfish, mature and hard aged cheese, lean fish, and cured meats

    Winery: il Carpino